IDIAC Open Source Downloads
  • IDIAC Open Source Downloads   
    • 2017/07/30 with complete J2SE Java version of IDIAC:
      • File menu with open, save, and save as to access idiac source text files.  The editor uses monospaced font so all characters are the same width to allow lining up operation codes, reference labels, and comments in source code. 
      • IPL Initial Program Load translates IDIAC source text programs to machine code loaded in memory and displays trace of next instruction at location 0 and displays all of  non-zero memory along with any assigned assembly code labels.
      • RUN executes up to 10 million instructions and displays last 10 instructions, register, condition code, and all of memory,  The limits for RUN unit instructions and trace entries can be changed via GUI input fields.  The emulator runs at over 50 MIPS on an Intel i7 core processor on Windows 10 PC. 
      • Example to calculate Pi to 3.14159 using series
    • 2017/06/07 with updated idiac java version
      • source (about 220 lines) updated with support for menu actions:
        • File (open, save as) - read and write idiac source text files
        • Edit (cut, copy, paste, select all) - update current idiac source panel
        • About, and Help - opens selected webpage on
      • The only remaining actions to add are IPL loader, Run, and Step
    • 2017/05/29 First java release with executable GUI menu only version
      • Add pop-up descriptions for textarea, textboxes, and buttons for mouse
      • Add example to calculate perfect numbers beyond 6 = 28, 496, 8128, and 33550336
      • Add java directory with java version of IDIAC
        • readme.txt - text document describing how to build executable idiac.jar version using BAT commands or open source Eclipse IDE with help
        • - Hello World java demo from Oracle
        • HelloWorldSwing_build_jar.bat - build executable HelloWorldSwing.jar
        • HelloWorldSwing_run_jar - execute HelloWorldSwing.jar
        • - java idiac open source code (currently 63 lines for GUI menu only)
        • idiac_build_jar.bat - compile and link into executable idiac.jar idiac_run_jar.bat - execute idiac.jar (alternatively double click on it)
        • eclipse/workspace directory with 2 projects for Eclipse IDE to develop java
          • HelloWorldSwing project if you want to change it
          • idiac project if you want to help develop it
    • 2017/05/09 Initial Release with examples
Copyright 2017 Don Higgins under open source general public license
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